Composer's Recital

Please scroll down for a video sample - Zeitklang at Braunschweig Stadthalle.

The piano cycle ZEITKLANG, the OTMAR-ALT-SONATA and the MIDI_Sonata for Piano and Computer are returning to the roots of the compositional art: the music written by me to fit my hands and my performance style. This simply means that the music has its origin in the improvisational, searching hand, and that it blends that improvisational process into a formal composition.


ZEITKLANG,the OTMAR-ALT-SONATA and MIDI_Sonata are taking the familiar sounds of our time - with a lot of consonant harmonics and a few, well directed dissonant - and creating a pianistic and joyful performance punctuated with conflicting rhythmic patterns. Blended with classical and romantic composers the program offers a great piano experience.

Ladislaus Dussek: Prelude in C Major

Ratko Delorko: Zeitklang, ein Zyklus für Klavier

Domenico Cimarosa: Sonata in Bb Major

Ratko Delorko: Otmar-Alt-Sonata



John Field: Nocturne in Bb Major

Ratko Delorko: MIDI_Sonata for Computer and Piano