Picture: Remote Lesson Setup in 2012


Since 2008, I have provided professional online piano instruction. These are referred to as long distance lessons, or sometimes as remote lessons, but more often than not, today we refer to them as online lessons.


As the pedagogical approach in an online lesson differs totally from the standard one-to-one lesson, it takes a lot of experience, which comes from trial and error, to perfect a method that works well using this medium. It took me years to develop an efficient teaching technique for

long distance teaching. Why? Because there is simply no "hands on!". A hand or finger position cannot be corrected through direct contact with the student. Nearly everything has to be verbalized and this demands a real mastery of piano pedagogy.


Today's setup is much smaller, but it’s also more efficient than what you’ll see in this picture from "old times," from the first baby steps in online piano instruction. The long distance lesson will never replace the classical one-to-one lesson, but it is an incredibly helpful option.


Recently, my online student Sophia Edwards from Melbourne won the Macau Piano Competition. So… it is absolutely „figureoutable“!


Want more details? Please contact me: delorko@gmx.de or directly on my phone +49 172 6205349.



Picture: Sophia Edwards, online student, performing at the finals of the Macao Piano Competition.

 For whom are online lessons suitable?

* Professional players, preparing new programs and recordings

* Piano teachers for further education

* Music students preparing for exams and competitions

* Pre-college students preparing for admission exams

* intermediate and advanced enthusiasts


If you would like to learn more, please contact me: delorko@gmx.de or directly on my phone

+49 172 6205349.